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Minor house repairs and maintenance starts to pile up causing stress. Staying on top of those minor issues is a key to avoiding big issues, “not to mention break ups”, let me take care of these items for you, whether it involves maintenance, repair or upgrades you can trust Halton Handyman to take care of that for you .

Work is performed by an experienced handyman who will walk you through every step of the process for a simple and seamless experience.


    • Hardwood / Laminate Flooring upgrades
    • Painting and staining
    • Drywall repair/installation
    • Bathroom repairs
    • kitchen repairs
    • Door, Trim & Baseboards Installation
    • Door locks, hinges repair/installation
    • Caulking windows and baseboards
    • Leaky pipes and/or faucets
    • Taps removal and replacement service
    • Sealant repairs
    • Curtains rods, picture frame hanging
    • Hardware for electronics (i.e. TV mounts, speaker mounts, Receptacles, light fixture removal and installation & more

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